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Il Frantoio Galantino is located just ouside of Bisceglie, a region with the highest production of extra virgin olive oil in the world. The mill was founded in the early 900s when Vito Galantino acquired a 19th Century mill and transformed it into an olive oil press. Since then, the Galantino family has followed in the entrepreneurial footsteps successfully producing the highest quality olive oil. The harvest is done manually by hand picking into baskets between October and December when the olives are at the right stage of ripeness. The olive oil is subjected to a laboratory examination and organoleptic control to be then certified by Mastro Olive Oil, the world known certification in the in the olive oil sector that ensures analytically the highest quality level.

Frantoio Galantino

Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Rainbow Jar 50...


Extra virgin olive oil from Puglia, cold pressed and bottled in handmade and painted ceramic jars.