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The Suino Nero di Calabria is a native black pig bred in the wild and semi-wild in Calabria. The morphology is typical of a Mediterranean-Iberian pig with a coarse, black bristle coated skin. It’s a very hardy and robust breed, with a strong skeletal structure, and is undergoing a recovery plan through the development of high-quality products that are obtained from wild cattle breeding and the artisan handcraft of meat processing. Their salient features come from their adaptation to pasture grazing for breeding in the wild. They have the characteristic of a lean meat, excellent for the production of all types of salamis and sausages, with the specialized characteristics of mixed black pudding and 'nduja, a very particular type of soft-spreadable sausage. Very spicy.

Nero di Calabria (cold cuts from Calabria)

'Nduja 500gr


Minimum 30 days of curing Total absence of gluten, GMO, lactose, preservatives, antioxidants, additives, colorings, flavourings. 100% natural product breeding Packaging: single vacuum-packed bag Stuffed...

Nero di Calabria (cold cuts from Calabria)

Patenero 300gr


Spreadable sausage obtained from the bacon fat and lean parts of the ham. Natural Seasoning, minimum 30 days 100% natural product Weight: 300g single vacuum-packed bag Ingredients: Native black pig meat...