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The agricultural farm, Principato di Lucedio boasts centuries of history.
Founded in 1123 by Cistercian monks, it was the first agricultural farm to grow rice in Italy. Through the centuries it has had illustrious owners: from the Gonzaga family to the Savoy family, Napoleon Bonaparte to the Marquis Giovanni Gozani of San Giorgio, the ancestor of the current owner Countess Rosetta Clara Cavalli D'Olivola Salvadori Wiesenhoff.

Principato di Lucedio

Carnaroli rice - 1,00 kg


It is the most used rice in Italy. The grain is large and cooks well with a strong consistency absorbing flavours. Ideal for risottos and salads. Packaged in a canvas bag.

Principato di Lucedio

Brown rice Venere - 1,00 Kg


Brown rice from natural black bean with flavours of hazelnuts and spices pairing well with seafood, shellfish, salads and most any side dish.

Principato di Lucedio

Red rice Hermes - 1,00 Kg


Brown rice from natural red grains. Has a slight taste of wheat. Pairs well with vegetables, salads and it's perfect for stuffings.

Principato di Lucedio

Vialone Nano rice - 1,00 Kg


Rice used often and valued in the regions of Verona and Mantua. A large grain that stands up well to cooking with a low stickiness. Ideal for risottos and salads.

Principato di Lucedio

Fragrant rice Apollo - 1.00 kg


A slender long grain rice of Asian origin with a delicate flavour of jasmine. Pairs well with boiled vegetables and most oriental dishes.