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The Birrificio San Gimignano was founded with the goal of producing beers that are a true expression of our territory, Chianti and Terre di Siena. This objective is not achieved by adding local fruits or spices, but by working with local products that are traditionally the main ingredients of beer: grains and yeast. The other key elements of our philosophy are the slowness and respect for the environment and for the health of the consumers.
The choice of producing organic beers only, is due to our conviction that the impact of human beings on the environment and its resources must be reduced as much as possible. Hence we produce good beers not only because they are tasteful, but also because they do the right thing! Brewing organic is also the only way to honor Tuscany and Chianti, our land of beauty and culture. WEe use the best organic raw materials, grains and hops, produced with sustainable tecniques: our beers are better for the environment, but also for those who drink them. These special cares continue in the brewery: we don't use any filtration or purification tecnique - neither mechanical, nor by additives, nor natural (animal) nor synthetic, and this makes our products an ideal choice also for those people who live inspired by the vegan principles. And, of course, we don’t pasteurize. Our beers undergo a bottle refermentation, to get an amazing evolving taste.

San Gimignano Microbrewery

"Detour" Amber Ale


alc. 5.5% vol. - IBU 30 style Detour celebrates the deviations from the marked path, the changes in schedules, the conscious disobedience. Only by choosing new paths you can discover new things. Detour...

San Gimignano Microbrewery

"Altrove" Strong Pale Ale


Alc. 7% vol. - IBU 35 style Altrove means elsewhere. It is dedicated to those particular type of travel, that are done with the mind: soft reveries of distant exotic places, big and heroic deeds, dreams...

San Gimignano Microbrewery

"Durovernum" Imperial Porter


Alc. 8% vol. - IBU 35 style Durovernum is the ancient Latin name of Canterbury, where the pilgrimage along the Via Francigena has its starting point. But also its ending point, actually, because every...

San Gimignano Microbrewery

"Sigeric" Golden Ale


Alc. 5% vol. - IBU 30 style Our Sigeric celebrates the first step of each path, the decisive moment in which one choose to start a travel. For us, it is the first step that can be done in the world of...

San Gimignano Microbrewery

"Errante" Organic Wheat Ale


Alc. 4.5% vol. - IBU 15 To err means to make mistakes, but also to wander. The knight-errants were in constant motion, looking for heroic and big feats. Big feats sometimes mean big and tragicomic errors,...