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Love and respect for the land. This commandment have for 100 years accompanies our work, made of passion and commitment to transform the wonderful fruits of our land in delicious recipes. From the work of the great-grandfather Domenico, Grandpa and Grandma Giobatta Mumina, continued by Domenico (said Nino) and Bugi and now continued by Gianni and Augustine, who in the heart always bring the teachings of Mina's sister, the Sommariva Company with an eye to the past and one in the future continues its journey through the streets of taste.
Extra virgin olive oil, cold pressed, pickled olives, organic Genoese pesto, spreads, preserves and many of the old Ligurian cuisine whose processing is done by hand with almost all products originating from the Company of the family farm and kept only in extra virgin olive oil without the addition of chemical additives and preservatives, thus ensuring quality and unparalleled authenticity. Directly by its own vineyards D.O.C. a selection of wines, Pigato, Vermentino and Rossese.
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