We are "Italian Food Scouter"

We are curious and passionate travelers, born and raised in Tuscany, in search of essence and quality, finding ourselves in nooks and corners of Italy that we never thought existed and leading us to discover traditions and create a new respect for nature with products that reflect and speak of our beloved and cherished Italy.

The artisan craft of food interprets, by telling a story, keeping the true essence of our land alive. These tasty products will not only brighten up your table but will tell stories of the food itself and of those who produced them and the time and dedication required. You will discover their souls: their magical fragrances and flavours, the devotion to recipes and secrets that a Food Scouter searches out and introduces to you in the simplest way possible: through your pantry.
The true talent of a Food Scouter is found through our curious nature and commitment to diligent and meticulous research, listening and observing, never satisfied, and always scrupulous and tenacious in our research for the right path.

I do not know what I do, but I do know that I am made of what I do.
I do not know who I am, but I do know that I am not one who does not know

(Alejandro Jodorowsky)

P.S. A very special Thank You to Galle for the photos!